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With Love

Kim Jong Un has led North Korea since 2011 and is also the Marshall of the Korean People's Army. He is the world's most identifiable totalitarian spending his time in office expanding his nuclear weapons programme. A unique figure who cannot be ignored and whose identity makes an excellent subject for examination for art reflecting life alluding to the "Small Man Syndrome" within this work. 

The Shit Show

The Rise And Fall Of The Johnson Dynasty

Ever since 2001 Boris Johnson has been a UK politician with a profile that cannot be ignored. His "Marmite" character makes him a magnet for observation and parody, and I wanted to capture the contradictions he consistently displays, focussing upon his dishevelled appearance and recognising his popularity whilst pointing to his ultimate downfall as he was put on his bike to pedal away from the House of Commons in 2023 as he scared his flock away, just like a scarecrow is meant to do.

Mother Madonna

The New Religion

As the world redefines itself so does the world of art and I am a standard bearer. Are NFTS part of our future?


Following the NFT trend GM to everyone.

Gn Gn Gn

GN to everyone.

The Last Tree

Plato said that all art mimics nature and is therefore an imitation of life. I agree, but for art to be impacting it must not only mime but also comment in a conclusive styling which encourages the viewer to examine their own understanding and position on the imagery. As a keen follower of the influential eco warriors that sit outside convention it is right that we should reflect upon what our world would look like if there were only one tree remaining.

Off Balance

Is the time running out?

It feels like we are at a defining point in the world's destiny and time is running out. Climate Change is human caused and we must offset our values so that world does not fail and lose equilibrium.

The World is F*cked

This artwork links one of the world's most beautiful images to a state of carnage and loss. Surely it cannot be too late?

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